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Below are sampels of the beautiful comments we have received from some of the great couples we have had the pleasure to meet and share their story with.

Peter and Melissa were such great photographers. They just made everything easier for me and my wife. They put all our concerns at ease and had tremendous ideas to make the photographs unique and interesting. They made just to answer our questions as fast as possible. Communication was extremely easy. Gave us really great suggestions to make things smoother on our big day. Furthermore, they were extremely attentive to all the tiny details to make the perfect pictures. Their mobile studio is wonderful. They set it up from around 10 to midnight which gives a good time for the guests to get tipsy and take funny pictures. I would suggest Peter and Melissa to anyone looking for extraordinary photographers

Remi Ducharme-Moussaoui

I am finding it tough to write a review that truly expresses how much we LOVE, LOVE, LOVE our wedding (and engagement) photos! They are more beautiful than we could have ever hoped for! Booking Bella Vita Wedding Photography really eased so much stress that we had regarding photos (they send an awesome "style guide" before your engagement session which was so helpful, and also were happy to help with all the questions, worries, requests we had!). They made my husband and I, and our families and guests, feel comfortable, and were friendly, calm and patient. The entire time we were planning our wedding, they were excited and enthusiastic about everything that we were excited about - they want their couples to have the best experience possible, and they deliver! They truly have talented eyes for beautiful photography! I feel like they captured the emotion of our wedding day perfectly. It sounds cliche, but I honestly can't recommend them highly enough!

Vanessa Antonio

Peter and Melissa were amazing! They made our wedding day even more special than it already was! They made sure everything was going smoothly through out the day and that we were where we had to be at the right times. They were very understanding, not pushy at all and made you feel like you were just hanging out with some friends. Thanks again for the great service! Can't wait to see the pictures!

Steven Sirois

If you are looking for passionate artists to cover your wedding, look no further. Quality service provider at a very reasonable cost. Peter and Melissa are a great team and they provide immense value for what you actually pay for.

Mike Spinelli

My husband and I have had a few days to bask in the glory and praise that these photos which Bella Vita have created has gotten. The response from everyone is truly overwhelming. Bella Vita Wedding Photography was able to capture such amazing moments through photography and put it so eloquently together in a stunning album. The Bella Vita Wedding Photography team did an INCREDIBLE job!!! It is absolutely perfect. Thank you once again to Peter for all your expertise, time and passion that went into making this special moment in mine and my husband’s lives such a memorable one.

Jenny & Alex

First of all, this company is extremely professional. Their responsiveness is great and reflects the quality of service they provide. But the real star was my photographer. Peter completely planned a first look for my husband and I and it was nothing short of perfection. He captured the best shot I could have ever imagined. I had so many guests approach me throughout my reception and comment on how professional he and his assistant were and how they never got in the way. Not only did he capture my vision in his shots (which by the way are incredible), all done effortlessly. This duo is one of the kindest group of people I've ever met and I can't ever thank them enough. If you are looking for someone to help guide you through your day, choose them! As for the company, their prices are very fair in comparison to other photography companies actually coming in well below most of them. They offer a full range of packages and print services as well. Needless to say, I'm extremely glad I booked with Bella Vita Wedding Photography and couldn't be any happier with the results. Highly Recommended!

James & Renee

Our experience with Bella Vita Montreal Wedding Photography has been outstanding. Peter was our photographer and we were blown away by his professionalism and even more by his photography skills. From our engagement shoot to our wedding photos, each photo is a work of art. I especially appreciated his planning of the day, art direction and photography styling. He can make even the most boring environment beautiful. Peter is a truly gifted photographer — I can't recommend this company enough.

Stephanie Goldstein

Peter and Mel are friendly, down-to-earth, and caring professionals. They flew to Cayo Santa Maria, Cuba, to shoot our destination wedding; we couldn't be happier with our choice. After meeting with many photographers, it was their professionalism coupled with their warm personalities that immediately sold us. We didn't have to worry about posing or getting creative shots or anything at all! We had so much fun with them! We knew that they are amazing at what they do and we fully trusted them. Our images are absolutely gorgeous. They are unique, fun and sexy all at once. We love the story that they created of our wedding day, providing many photos every step of the way. Our family and friends absolutely loved Peter and Mel. We are fortunate to say that we consider them friends. Our wedding experience would not have been complete or as perfect without them! I highly recommend Bella Vita Wedding Photography!

Michelle & Andrew

We had such a great experience with both Peter and Melissa, their professionalism and team work created a great atmosphere for our special day! Peter took care of shooting the amazing pictures with his creativity and Melissa added that extra female touch of being very detailed ;). Also, If you are organised with them and tell them exactly what you would like ahead of time, you won't be disappointed! The pictures we received are amazing and we couldn't be happier with the results! Thank you so much to both of you xx

Alicia & Guillaume
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